My HealtheVet: Vital resource during emergency

Hurricane season takes place from June to November each year. With dangerous storms predicted in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, it’s important to take care of your health care needs to help ease stress during a potential emergency.

My HealtheVet provides Veterans with online access to their medication refills, VA health records, Secure Messaging and other valuable tools even when the brick and mortar buildings are inaccessible. If the weather forces you to evacuate to another area, your VA medical records travel with you in your My HealtheVet account.

Here are a few ways My HealtheVet can help in an emergency:

Have instant access to your medical records, Print a list of your current medications, including names and dosage Refill VA prescriptions Reschedule your VA appointments via Secure Messaging Contact your health care team via Secure Messaging

To access the above features, it’s important that you upgrade your account to Premium level. You can start the upgrade process here. A Premium account ensures you have access to your medical information and health care teams.

During times of emergency, such as natural disasters, you should stay in a safe location and follow the guidance of local government officials. If your medical needs are urgent, please contact 911 or your VA facility. Your safety is always VA’s number one concern.

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