Share these resources to help Veterans, service members in the wake of natural disasters

In the wake of disaster or tragedy, the process of healing and rebuilding is often complicated by guilt, depression, or anger. While the event itself may be over, the subsequent financial and personal challenges can take time to address and the feelings of stress or anxiety may linger.

Processing a disaster’s impact on your community and loved ones can take time, but it is an essential step toward regaining a sense of normalcy. This is especially true for members of the National Guard and Reserve, who are commonly called on to restore order in the face of tragedy. That’s why it is important for these first responders to be aware of available resources and support to help deal with the aftermath of traumatic experiences.

One such resource is, which supports service members, Veterans, and their loved ones through hundreds of videos featuring Veterans talking about their personal experiences with mental health treatment and recovery. The stories of challenge and triumph on can provide reassurance and encouragement in difficult times, showing that the road to recovery may be tough, but there are resources available to help every step of the way:

For Herman, the transition from fixing aircraft to helping to maintain order in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was jarring. The memory of witnessing the anguish of his fellow citizens was hard to shake until he found support to help him process his experience. During Hurricane Hugo, Valencia began to feel helpless and hopeless, and she had thoughts