Decision Ready Claims speeds up disability claims processing with help from VSOs

VA has unveiled our new Decision Ready Claims (DRC) initiative – just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to delivering faster claims decisions for Veterans.

Veterans who submit their claim under DRC with accredited Veterans service organizations (VSO) can expect to receive a decision within 30 days from the time VA receives the claim. VSOs will ensure that all supporting evidence (e.g. medical exam, military service records, etc.) is included with the claim submission. This advance preparation by the VSOs allows claims to be immediately assigned to claims processors for a quick decision. Processing these claims faster makes a big difference across our entire inventory.

The Veterans Benefits Administration developed DRC as an extension of Fully Developed Claims. It is just one way VA and VSOs are collaborating to help Veterans receive faster decisions on disability claims. VA works closely with participating VSOs to make sure their representatives are properly trained in the new process and given the tools they need to successfully participate in the DRC program on behalf of the Veterans they serve.

DRC was first implemented May 1, 2017, at the St. Paul Regional Office and is now available at all VA regional offices. While DRC is currently limited to claims for increased compensation (commonly known as claims for increase), VA’s goal is to expand the types of claims accepted under the initiative.

DRC is a promising step toward aggressively overhauling our benefits delivery to Veterans now that we’re in a fully digital operating environment.