Donating your used car to a Veterans’ service organization can be a good idea

Veterans buying a new car have many choices when it comes to deciding what to do with the old one. Is it better to trade it in, sell it privately or donate it?

It turns out that donating an old car to a worthy Veterans’ service organization can reap many benefits. In fact, with the help of websites like and, you can identify which Veterans’ groups will make the best use of your donation. It’s also surprisingly simple, effective and rewarding. Consider helping a fellow Veteran with your car donation for the following reasons:

It helps a fellow Veteran in need

As one of more than 20 million Veterans in this country, you know that it’s a group made of many people who may need a little extra assistance. With the typical vehicle donation, the car is sold at an auction, and the proceeds go toward helping Veterans in need. For example, the vehicle-donation program for the group Homes for our Troops — top rated by both charity watchdog websites — goes to providing severely injured Veterans with mortgage-free homes that have been specially adapted for their unique needs. In some cases, a donated vehicle also may be used by the charity itself or given to an individual Veteran.

It helps Veterans’ families

As all Veterans know, a Veteran’s family makes its own significant sacrifices. Oftentimes, it’s not only a fellow Veteran, but also their loved ones that will benefit from your vehicle donation. Family issues are