One local business surprises a veteran’s widow with bathroom remodel

HERMISTON, OR – Today, a local company gave a woman in Hermiston an early Christmas present just days after her husband unexpectedly passed away.

Nora Costin and her husband Ken have been married for 63 years. As a veteran, Ken was applicable for a $2,000 HISA grant through the VA, and he was going to use that money to remodel his bathroom so it could be safe and functional.

However, Ken unexpectedly passed away ten days ago, so Nora is no longer applicable for that grant.

But that didn’t stop Karla Bays – the owner of Re-Bath, a bathroom and kitchen remodeling company – from making sure Nora is taken care of.

Reporter Jaclyn Selesky met up with Karla today to help her surprise Nora with a check, giving back all of the money she put down while her husband was still alive.

“We could have chosen anyone for this surprise,” said Bays. “I think veterans’ wives are sometimes…people don’t think about them after their husbands have passed away and they were there to support their husband after all of those years and it’s just something i’m excited about.”

A safe bathroom would have cost Nora $6,800, but with a $2,000 grant, Nora only had to pay the difference. Today, she was given a $4,800 check, which will cover the entire remodel. Her reaction?

“Overwhelmed,” said Costin. “Just totally overwhelmed. And your kindness; I cannot believe it.”

Re-Bath will finish her new bathroom by either January or February. As far as what she’ll do with the money she would have had to spend on the remodel, she says she wants to visit her family in Montana.