adds disability compensation claim status feature

There’s a common misperception that VA-and-DoD’s eBenefits web portal is singularly synonymous with “checking your claim.” Although claim status is one of several dozen features on eBenefits, it’s also one whose implementation many Vets felt could be improved.

Enter, the VA’ transaction-based website. Yes, you will now be able to track the progress of your disability compensation claim online at

Let’s back up, though, to address on question: Why?

What I mean to say is that we’ve heard you. That we’ve taken your suggestions to improve the claim status tracker. And since it’s one of our most-popular features, we’ve brought it—new and improved!—to the experience.

The claim status tracker is now simpler to use, easier to read, more responsive, 508 compliant, and best of all—it’s designed for mobile. These are the suggestions you—and other Veterans just like you—have told us in interviews, focus groups, surveys, testing and other feedback that we’ve received.

After you create a account, give it a whirl. We believe you’ll find it easier to understand. Look for clearer language, a cleaner and less-distracting design, an easy-to-navigate interface, and less-confusing steps in the timeline. Where there used to be eight steps in the claim process, there are now only five:

  1. Claim received
  2. Initial review
  3. Evidence gathering, review and decision
  4. Preparation for decision notification
  5. Complete

At the moment, disability compensation is the only claim status currently available on Other claim types will be added in early 2017. This is also true for VA benefits in general: soon, you’ll be able to discover, apply for, track and manage all your VA benefits at

The eBenefits Portal is an online resource for tools and benefits-related information for wounded warriors, Veterans, Active Duty Servicemembers, their families, and those who care for them. The portal will remain active until is fully built.

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