C.O. Veterans Outreach program is on the move

BEND, Ore. –

Central Oregon Veteran’s Outreach works to provide essentials, like food and clothing, to homeless and at-risk veterans across the High Desert. Now, they’re on the move, to help those who can’t come to them.

“It’s essentially a mini version of what we have at our drop-off center,” program Coordinator Tory Flory said Tuesday. “We have food, clothing and supplies to keep people warm dry and alive during their time of need.”

The center’s new Mobile Community Outreach trailer travels across Central Oregon each week.

The purpose?

They want to make it easier for people to get what they need.

“We want to be able to connect with people and provide them with resources and connections that may help them get out of the situation they are in that is bringing them to us,” Flory said.

Central Oregon Veterans Outreach serves an average of 25 people a week, but they hope to increase that number, now that they’re on-the-go.

“More than anything else, we are looking forward to provide more services out in the community than what we were doing before,” Flory said. “So if we can be there to help get them beyond that hurdle, then we have done our job.”.

For more information, visit http://covo-us.org/. For a schedule of the outreach van’s travels through the region, check the related-content sidebar on this story.